Masso Holistic Massage 30 mins/60 mins/90 mins - €30.00/€60.00/€80.00
Holistic massage is a modern alternative method of recovery that combines the scientific knowledge of massage with a holistic view and approach. Through the massage, the therapist has all the tools and knowledge to deliver maximum effect on the body, mind and soul. The massage can be administered from medium to firm pressure, according to the client needs and requirements.

Masso Aroma Indulgence massage 60 mins - €60.00
A holistic treatment for your senses that you should not miss! The art and science of utilizing extracted aromatic essences. Specially designed, our signature treatment, perfectly match your own needs, encouraging deep relaxation and balance in body, soul and spirit.

Masso Candle Massage 60 mins - €70.00
Massage candles and warm volcanic stones combined together to give you this sensational relaxing massage with a moisturizing effect, enhancing balance and energy throughout the body.

ELEMIS Garden of England Rose Restore Relaxing Massage 60 mins - €70.00
Take a walk in an English garden with this lavishly hydrating body massage. The unique Life Elixirs Essences that have been designed to be used in this extremely relaxing massage, will bring everything back to the potency of modern aromatics. Each Essence has been designed for a different mood, enabling this massage to be tailored to your needs.

You may choose one of the following Life Elixir Essences:
Calm: a soothing blend, helps you to find your inner peace.
Clarity: an uplifting blend, helps you to invigorate your sense of self
Fortitude: an empowering Blend, makes you feel grounded and strong to the core
Embrace: a serene blend, to ignite your senses
Sleep: a deeply relaxing blend, to let your mind and body restore itself

ELEMIS Hot Mineral Body Boost Energising Massage 60 mins - €70.00
This powerful treatment stimulates every cell in the body, helping alleviate muscular pain and remove toxins. The heated minerals are a catalyst to warm and deeply relax the body, perfectly prepping for the nourishing Amber balm, while the mind is whisked off to invigorating shores with the aromatic Ocean Spa. Completed by a restorative facial massage, this is a revolutionary, minerally-charged experience
of skin conditioning, metabolic balancing and energising wellness.

ELEMIS Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage 60 mins/90 mins - €70.00/€90.00
This is a vigorous workout for the body, perfect to alleviate high stress levels. Tailored entirely to your needs, it leaves you feeling grounded and focused. Your therapist will select an aromatic oil according to your concerns, be they muscle pain, stress relief, pure relaxation or emotional balance. Skin is prepped to release toxins and the flowing massage works deeper and deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum
circulation. As effective as an hour’s stretching, but so much more nurturing.

ELEMIS Deeper than Deep Hot Stone Massage 60 mins/90 mins - €70.00/€90.00
Balinese stones bathed in the Frangipani Monoi Body Oil are worked deep into the muscles, getting into areas of tension. The result is sparkling vitality with the added bonus of intensely hydrated skin.Achieves all over deep relaxation, with penetrating heat from the stones and introduces client to a new level of
touch and relaxation.

ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy Massage 75 mins - €75.00
This unique pregnancy massage is profoundly nurturing and tranquil. An intuitive, sensitive and relaxing massage hydrates and moisturises skin that is expanding to accommodate a growing baby. Only nurturing aromatics are imparted– along with wisdom, empathy and respect.

Thai Foot Massage 40 mins - €40.00
Elements of reflexology and Chinese massage are applied on the lower legs and feet improving blood circulation enabling the feeling of lighter legs.

Indian Head Massage 40 mins - €40.00
A traditional Indian practice to balance your hair, scalp, body and mind. The therapist blends specific carrier oil and essential oils individual for any client and uses it to relieve tension from your shoulder, neck, head and face.

Thai Oil Massage 70 mins - €70.00
Traditional Thai massage techniques, transferred from the floor to a massage table. The body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked again with the unique feeling of the warm oil on the body.

Anti-Cellulite Massage 45 mins - €45.00
Cellulite forms from fat build ups deep beneath the layering of our skin. It becomes more noticeable when our connective tissue fibres push down against it causing the blood flow to restrict thereby engorging the fat cells. The high level of pressure used during your massage literally breaks down cellulite deposits. Massaging stimulates blood flow and increases circulation, thus reducing your skin ability to form cellulite.  
Neuro-Reflexology 40 mins - €40.00
A qualified Neuro Reflexologist is trained to access ‘nerve reflexes’ on the bony parts of the foot and by using very precise pressure and timing can evoke a precise change within the peripheral, autonomous and central nervous systems. The method is ideally suited to aiding clients to manage pain relief.

ELEMIS Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub – Lime and Ginger or Frangipani 45 mins - €55.00
Fragranced salt will gently slough away dead skin cells, encouraging the regeneration of new cells. It leaves a smooth and responsive canvas, ready to absorb the deeply nourishing body oil.

ELEMIS Thousand Flower Detox Wrap 60 mins - €70.00
This nutrient-rich detox wrap uses the deeply nourishing Green Tea Balm to encourage super skin health and powerful detoxification. It helps stimulate the elimination process and restore equilibrium to leave you feeling completely reinvigorated.

ELEMIS Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap – Musclease 75 mins - €80.00
This seaweed treatment detoxifies and deep cleanse the body inside and out, combining the richest of sea plants and marine algae with aroma-therapeutic actives. A warm seaweed body mask is applied to the body, combined with a warming blend of Pine and Rosemary essential oils, that helps ease the pains of rheumatism, arthritis, muscular spasm and fatigue, before you are cocooned in a comforting foil wrap, whilst being treated to a deep Thai drainage facial massage and de-stress scalp treatment.

ELEMIS Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap – Cellutox 75 mins - €80.00
This seaweed treatment detoxifies and deep cleanses the nbody inside and out, combining the richest of sea plants and marine algae with aroma-therapeutic actives. Excellent for improving the dimpled appearance of cellulite and reducing fluid retention. A warm seaweed body mask combined with a detoxifying blend of Juniper and Lemon essential oils is applied to the body, before you are cocooned
in a comforting foil wrap, whilst being treated to a deep Thai drainage facial massage and de-stress scalp treatment.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 30 mins/70 mins - €35.00/€65.00
A gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage system of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. Manual lymph drainage uses a specific amount of pressure (very light) and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate lymph flow.

ELEMIS Targeted Toning Tightener 30 mins/90 mins - €45.00/€100.00
Tightening and toning are the pillars of this treatment. A powerful blend of salts, minerals and seaweeds work together to target cellulite and poor skin tone on hips, thighs, abdomen and backs of arms. Nigari salt deeply cleanses, followed by a targeted sculpting massage to kick-start the micro-circulation, promoting a smoother silhouette and invigorating the entire body. A cooling rubberised mask, rich in super-detoxing caffeine and green clay is applied to problem areas, whilst clinically proven Red Algae redefines areas prone to sagging. The result is a targeted body airbrush and skin that looks and feels intensely toned and refreshed. Choose a localised treatment: Arms, Hips & Thighs, or Abdomen.